Rattan Splice Chair

By using contemporary techniques found in the wooden furniture industry, a more Western expression to this material was adopted. Splicing was the main method, merging and tapering components rather than the conventional method of overlaping the material for added stability, as seen in traditional rattan furniture.

2019 / Rattan

Collaborating with the Hallwyl House in Stockholm, situated in in the Rococo room, the chair contrasts sharply with the surrounding wooden furnishings depicting ornately carved floral motifs. The rattan chair’s ornamentation is in the structure and therefore splicing itself, rather than in an added layer. Nature is reflected through the tapering spliced joints seemingly growing like a plant from the ground towards the main components of the chair, thus abstracting Nature as a traditional means for decoration, as seen with the floral patterns expressed through the direct carving into the flesh of the surrounding pieces.


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