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Re-frame takes inspiration from Cognitive Re-framing, a technique used in therapy for people suffering from severe stress and anxiety.

By exploring the workplace as the main context, the project looks at different ways of materialising and experiencing objects in different situations, whether through sound, touch or smell using natural materials, in an attempt to provide tools to help the person re-frame their stressful situation. The experiments suggest a new typology of desk accessories that fit comfortably at your desk.

By interacting with the tools, a state of mind can be made visible to colleagues in the immediate area, with the hopeful intention of starting a conversation about your emotional state rather than it being experienced internally. Apart from re-framing an emotional situation, the project also provides a speculative outlook on looking at re-framing our approach towards the stigma of stress as a sign of weakness, but rather a natural state of mind for many as a consequence of their working situation.

Held against the light, the viewfinder highlights the partly transparent lens that’s been chosen, these were made from traces of nature, which not only provide a visual distraction but also an olfactory sensory experience, that of being in an outdoor enivroment, providing space for pause and inner reflection.

Interactive wooden accessories were developed to help re-focus the viewer’s attention during or after a stressful situation via different senses.

A re-interpretation of the plastic fiddlers available on the market, a simplified more elegant version was made, using magnets that uses magnetic  

Other objects consist of an audio player with 3 channels that are activated by moving the peg, each channel holds a recording of something personal, be it soothing or motivating.

A magnetic spinning top that never falls off it’s spot was developed to create a playfull and mesmerising experience.



Other experiments were tested and developed into a tool-box experience, where users could pick from the selection and use as they please in the stressful context of their choice.

Introducing natural materials with a neutral pallete was a key feature of the concept.

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