Temporal Abstraction

A research project that speculates on the use of abstraction as a material and method. The design takes inspiration from the world of infographics, looking at ways of abstracting our constant daily stream of data through an anlogue frabric display, questioning how we might want to take back control of how we engage with our future digital world. 

By using PhotoChromic pigments on fabric, data is temporarily burned into the fabric using UV leds. One can see the information for a matter of seconds before it disappears again.

The project culminates in an exhibition that invites the viewers to interact with the devices and colour pigment material. Messages appear on a fabric dashboard through UV torches which hint at what the disk could be showing, to stimulate a converstation on what the viewer could imagine being shown on their future personal device

2018 / Fabric, UV LEDS + Lasers, UV PIgment

copyright © 2023 Harry Parr-Young